K10stat for FX?

is there a software like K10STAT for FX processors? Or will the cpu automatically drop down frequency and voltage when in idle, regardless the multiplier?
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  1. Your mobo should have a cool and quiet type throttling function yes,
    lowering the refclock and multi when its not needed,
    and putting it back up when it is needed
    unless you disable it in bios ofc.
  2. ok thanks. I asked because on Phenom II X4 with high multiplier CnQ won't work
  3. Mine works fine at 22.5 multi, maybe theres another issue there,
    bios updated etc I assume?
  4. Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3 Bios F4. I tested again, CnQ is automatically OFF if you set voltages to manual. So it depends on the motherboard used...
  5. Strange, maybe a gigabyte quirk then,
    I haven't been able to find any software based solution to this either, Sorry man
  6. my current pc has that motherboard and Phenom II X4 955, and I use K10STAT and everything is ok
    I was asking because I'll probably buy a FX-8120 with a new mobo, and wanted to know how it would behave with manual voltage and ratio settings
  7. Ah, I get you, maybe worth hunting down some Fx owner threads, see if anyone has encountered that problem with that chip
  8. I'm thinking about snagging one of those $155 FX-8120s and have been snooping around . . .


    # of P-States 7
    P-State FID 0x1A - VID 0x0B - IDD 18 (21.00x - 1.412 V)
    P-State FID 0x17 - VID 0x0C - IDD 18 (19.50x - 1.400 V)
    P-State FID 0x1E - VID 0x17 - IDD 12 (23.00x - 1.262 V)
    P-State FID 0x11 - VID 0x1C - IDD 11 (16.50x - 1.200 V)
    P-State FID 0xB - VID 0x25 - IDD 8 (13.50x - 1.087 V)
    P-State FID 0x5 - VID 0x30 - IDD 7 (10.50x - 0.950 V)
    P-State FID 0x10C - VID 0x38 - IDD 5 (7.00x - 0.850 V)

    There might be 7 P-States :D

    I anticipate a substantial array of clock, multiplier, voltage, over-voltage (and under-voltage), Turbo, core-ratio and WTF? settings.

    That above I suspect is a stock FX-8150. My plan is to set the clock at 250MHz with a base 14.5x multiplier -- presumably with the FX-8120 in Turbo to 18x.

    I'll take idle 7x 1v if she'll let me.
  9. It will work, I use for my Llano build and it will do wonders for you.
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