Need help, various problems, can't find cause...


About 1 week ago I purchsed components and built my own PC.
It seems to run stable, however there are some problems I can't find the cause of:

1: When playing games, the display driver dll will randomly crash and restart causing a ~3 sec black screen afterwhich I can resume playing.

- I can confirm that this is not due to overheating (60 deg. C @ max load), no artifacts.
- Latest drivers are installed.

2. Memtest86 lists over 1000 errors with my memory, yet my system never fails to boot and with exeption of gaming is stable.

- Both manual and auto settings for voltage and clocks yield the same result.

3. My processor can't decide if it wants to be dual core or quad core. I purchased an AMD Phenom II X2 550 BE, after a recent BIOS update, it is now recognized by Windows & CPU-Z as an AMD Phenom II X4 B50 processor, task manager lists 4 cores.
But after trying to fix the memory problem in BIOS and using Memtest86, it seems to have changed back to X2, and after a reboot it's X4 again.

- Processor setting in BIOS are all set to Auto, except AMD Cool'n'Quit (Disabled).
- When in Windows everything is stable.

cpu : AMD Phenom II X2 550 BE (seen as X4 B50)
gpu : XFX ATI Radeon HD 5770
mem : 2 GB OCZ DDR3 1333 MHz RAM (single module) s/n: OCZ3P13332G
mobo : ASRock M3A790GXH/128M (latest BIOS)
psu : OCZ StealthXtreme 600 W

If anyone wants more specific info, just ask.

I'm stumped, any help will be much appriciated.
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  1. Ok just going to update with some good news (I think).

    Decided to focus more on testing the memory, using Windows Memory Diagnostic.

    Through proces of elimination I managed to find out that my tRAS value was too high, and that my voltage was too low.
    Setting clocks to auto and voltage to 1,88 V I managed too make 2 passes of 6 tests with 1 non-reoccuring error (earlier tries all yielded about 100+ errors).

    Meanwhile my processor is back to X2 (too bad, I guess).

    I'll see if this fixes the gaming issue aswel.
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