How to replace dvd unit toshiba satellite a215

Hello, I can't find a guide on how to replace the DVD/CD unit of a Toshibe Satellite A215, could anyone help me?

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  1. Here are some _incredibly_ generic instructions:
    I couldn't find a thing on the Toshiba support site. Have you tried their tech support?
  2. (1) I have replaced the DVD-RW drive in both a Toshibia A205 and a A305 with a Blu-ray rom/DVD-RW drive. It was very easy, not positive about your specific model.

    On both of mine it was simply removing on screw on the back. Located about 5->6 inches from the side in-line with the drive. The A205 was visible on the back, but for the A305 I had to open the memory compartment (They "hid" it). The only other thing is the face plate. You may need to use the face plate (they pop off easily). For the A305 I bought a sony Blu-ray drive and the face plate from the old drive did not fit the Sony drive. So modified the sony face plate (had to cut a small notch out).

    Look Here:
    Step 3 indicates removing one screw and pusing it out. Click on the picture for exact location.
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