Having problems with 2GB OCZ sli ready ram

So I got a stick of 2gb OCZ DDR2 ram SLI ready edition PC2 6400, and I already have 2 sticks on 1gb DDR2 ram on my motherboard. When I stick the 2gb OCZ DDR2 ram into one of my free memory slots and try to boot, my computer does not startup, it attempts to, then fails at the loading screen and shuts down, it also asks me if I want to boot anyways or attempt to auto fix before it boots. Help?
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  1. DDr2 ram is typically used in pairs so that it will run in dual channel mode. Most ddr2 motherboard will also run in single channel mode which implies one or three chips installed or mixed capacities which won't work unless they're installed in separate channels.
    It's possible your motherboard bios may have a manual entry required to set in single channel mode or ganged/unganged.
    Also some boards simply won't allow mixed capacities or at the very least require manual entries for some of the settings.
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