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My last PC build was a Pentium 4 - 3 ghz machine. Recently, the pc has been randomly turning off. Usually occurs when my daughter or I am playing some online flash games. Pixie Hollow, Candystand, etc. What could be the cause of this. Is something overheating? I have an Nvida 128 mb card currently. Would it be worthwhile to upgrade the mb, ram, video on this processor or should I start new?
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  1. Has anything else changed recently? Updates to OS and Flash have brought about changes in the GPU drivers as well. Try downloading the latest driver for your GPU directly from Nvidia.
  2. Nothing has changed that I know of. I'll give it a try.
  3. Eider something is failing, or your OS/drivers is/are corrupted.
    I suggest you start new if nothing goes after you reinstall them.

    I mean that CPU is kinda old and you can buy with little money something far better on a core2duo platform or am3(triple core) platform. The am3 is more future proof. Core 2 duo's are on a dead socket now.
  4. Also, next time it crashes wait a couple minutes then reboot. Open Event Viewer. Look in the Application and System event logs for any warnings or errors reported at the time of the crash.
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