Phenom II 965 nonstable in 4GHz

I tried overclock my Phenom II 965 140W on 4GHz, but on 3,9 GHz was stable.Also I have stock cooling yet, so I disabled 3 of 4 cores.Voltage was set in 1,575 V (only for one core) and processor wasn´t stable.On internet I found that, when i increase NB frequency it could be more stable.But it doesn´t solved my problem.

PS:That´s all because I want to buy hydro cooling Corsair H100 and I don´t want to increase CPU frequency for only 500 MHz.

And also sorry for my english
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  1. First off you need to back down your voltage before you damage your CPU. What kind of temps are you seeing? Also check your memory frequency and voltage as well, make sure the multiplier is correct in your BIOS. And finally you may have to face the fact that your CPU may simply not do 4GHz, uncommon for a 965 to not reach it, but not unheard of.
  2. I´ve tried a lot of settings in BIOS so there are the minimum and maximum values :
    CPU Temps - 45-47°C
    RAM Freq-1333 MHz (default)-1600 MHz
    Multiplier - 18-20
    NB freq - 2000 MHz - 2453 MHz
    Other voltages then CPU was default
  3. For future reference, most rarely pump more than 1.4-1.45v through Phenom II CPUs for their OC. What make and model motherboard are you using as well? And here is a pretty good guide/thread for Phenom II overclocking, a long read but a good one from someone with more experience with PIIs than I have:
  4. My motherboard is Gigabyte MA790FXT-UD5P
  5. It´s C2 stepping (as I wrote up). Also it´s not my first overclocking ever, but it´s my first overclocking over 4 GHz (almost) :) And I read a few articles about overclocking before I tried it on real.

    Also I tried overclock NB as it was written in that post, which mfleming001 posted. But when I set NB frequency 2400 or higher, then I see this on my monitor :
  6. PII's easily (although not guaranteed) reaCH 4GHz on four cores, I'm unsure as to why you locked off three cores,
    why have a single core at 4GHz when four cores at 1.2GHz would be much better, not to mention cooler,
    check out the BE clocking guide at the top of the section as well as the link fleming provided,
    there are folks with more than 4Ghz on those chips 24/7 and it really isn't a difficult clockspeed to attain, PROVIDED you do things properly,
    and 1.575v on a single core is not doing it properly man, you will blow it up doing that
  7. Well, for 95% I have found what was wrong.It was low freqency of NB, but I can´t set it higher then 2200 MHz yet.Because when it´s higher then pc is unstable. I set NB voltage on 1,22 V for freqency 2400 GHz but it doesn´t help.What am I doing wrong ?
  8. It says on the screenshot '6143Mb' how is your ram spread out and how much do you have?
    we need full specs here to work with,
  9. it boots when freqency is 3,9 ghz and lower but on 4,0 ghz it doesn´t boot. so i found that i have raise NB freqency, but on 4 ghz it has to be 2,5 ghz and i can reach only 2,3 ghz then pc shows me what i posted (that picture)
  10. I GOT IT !!!!

    It has only raise voltage to 1,5V and NB voltage to 1,22 V
  11. Still one core locked off, and how are your temps there?
    good job regardless :)
  12. Temps are about 50°C in Idle
  13. because I´ve got only stock CPU cooler, which can cool only 140W TDP
  14. Back it off for a bit and wait till you get the H100,
    Theres no glory or real benefit in locked core clocknumbers unless its insanely high, better to wait and reap the benefits (such as they might be) from the Liquid cooler
  15. Quote:
    makes no sense....

    you have the stock (OEM) 965BE cooler the one with the copper pipes.?
    it can handle a small clock on auto....

    so you rather have 3 cores @ 4.0GHz instead of 4 cores @ 3.8GHz...?
    you should be banned for ignorance..

    sorry if that sounds harsh but WTH.?

    Slightly arrogant remark imho. Some people just don't have the same mind for computers. They can read but they don't necessarily understand; This doesn't make them ignorant, just different.

    Good job on your overclock Mako. However, it is true that you will get much more out of your chip if you have 4 cores at 3.8. Even 4 cores at 3.6 will be better than 3 at 4.0. :)

    Nevermind the harsh comments, some people have no problems making others feel bad in order for themselves to feel good.
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