How efficient of a htpc is a playstation 3?

I'm curious to find out how good of a personal computer a Playstation 3 makes. With the non-slim units capable of running other operating systems (today a friend of mine said he knows of people running windows on theirs), you can do a lot with them. Their capacity to also play games and play Bluray DVDs seems to make them a no-brainer for the living room PC...
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  1. You can install Windows on an emulator through Linux. Just expect to have a 28 Minute boot time. I have a PS3, and what I do is I just stream all my media to it from an external hard drive on my PC that is running all the time.
  2. Ah - that explains it. Yeah, I was thinking of using the PS3 as a front end for content from elsewhere - my PC or possibly a mac mini operating MythTV in Linux or OS X. If I just use it as a front end solution, do I still need to install Linux on it?
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