Q6600 + P5p41d

I'm really really noob when it comes to OC, for that reason i would really appreciate any guides you might have on how to OC my q6600 up to 3.0GHZ with p5p41d, I know where to change the values, just don't know what values need to be changed, and what are the values :S, please someone help me, I really need that performance boost.

Corsair Xms2 4gb 2x2gb Ddr2 800mhz Dual Channel Kit
Asus p5p41d g41 mobo
EAH4850 GDDR3 512MB
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  1. bro for that cpu there is only a tape mod yes apply tape to the processor i suggest look it up. Or sell it and go ivy bridge. even if im wrong sell it for a sandy or ivy bridge then overclock per guide
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