Will this PSU be good enough?

Hi guys,

I'm thinking if my PSU:Corsair TX950 (http://www.corsair.com/products/tx950/default.aspx), will be good enough to power 2
Gtx285 in Sli and an Intel i7 975?

I will be overclocking both graphic cards and CPU, will the PSU still be able to hold them?

Also, something not about the topic, but will 3 Gtx275 win 2 Gtx285? Do they use the same amount of power?

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  1. That PSU should easily handle even 3 GTX 285s in SLI.
    Have you considered just getting an HD5970 instead? It's about 25% better than 2 GTX 285s, DX11 compatible, MUCH more power efficient, and cheaper.
  2. This will do the PSU math for you.

    With serious OC and twin video cards I'd be looking for an Antec SG-850 (or a CP-850 if you have one of the 3 cases it fits in) or a Seasonic M12D 850

    Behind that (just cause it's a bit noisier) is the Corsair HX-850. The Corsair TX and Antec TP series is a quality tier down and not a place I'd go with maybe 3 GFX cards and serious OC.
  3. The answer to your first question... DEFINITELY.

    And on the off-topic question... I'm not sure. I know that Tom's posts power consumption for cards when they test them and they've already tested the 275 and 285... the numbers are here if you're willing to flip through the video card section.
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