Help. Geforce 9600 GT Win7 = terrible performance.


My system is as follows,

Windows 7 64bit
Gigabyte M720-US3
Phenom 2 945
2gb corsair XMS2 DDR2 800mhz
Display driver 195.62

I'm getting really bad graphics performance. I lost like 10 FPS on RE5 benchmark versus windows XP 32bit. On Left 4 dead 2 my average FPS is around 35-45, and even lower if I turn shader quality up to maximum (which the game recommends)

On my old system (AMD 3800 X2 Win XP) I never got any slow down on L4D 1 and there isn't much difference between the 2 games graphically.

I ran SiSoft Sandra GPU benchmarks and my GT 9600 scored quite a bit lower then the reference cards.

My memory and CPU clock are both at stock.

Is this a driver problem? What can I do to improve things, please?
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Do you have the latest VGA drivers installed ?
    You would have done this but have you refreshed your windows score ?
  2. Hihi

    I have the latest driver, and I just refreshed my wndows score but its the same (5.3). Nothing is overheating either. Also, I have a Power On Tsunami 585w PSU as well.
  3. Well, to be honest, that card isn't exactly a powerhouse, plus, you only have 2GB of RAM. The Vista / 7 shell uses up quite a bit more RAM than XP does, and could be the cause of this.

    What are the clock speeds of your card?
  4. Both memory and GPU are at stock. (650mhz gpu / 900 mhz memory / 1650 shader)

    I turned off all the visual enhancements on windows 7, its now a lot like XP again, lol. Anyway, I realise the card isn't up there with the best, but my point is that the performance is seriously less than it was before. I used to get 50 FPS average with all settings maxed on RE5 which I reckon is pretty good. Now it's like 30.1. avg.

    Is this due to driver issues? Or something else? Shall I roll back to the 8xx nvidia drivers? The fact that turning down just the shader quality on L4D2 gives me a massive FPS boost indicate driver issues? Help!
  5. help
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