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my current config is:
intel 845GBV(with integrated Intel graphics)
PIV-2 Gz
1 GB SD ram

I had resisted upgrading my PC for a while now and wanted the price of core quad processors system to come down within my budged.

Now that I am unable to play high def video in my system without significant investment, I have thought about upgrading my system.

However, if I have to invest good I certainly want a future ready motherboard which will support technologies untill next 5 years at the same time in the buget. I feel, this means I might have to sacrifice my PIV processor and ram because latest generation mobo like 1366 and AM3 will not support it.

Can anyone suggest a very good mobo, processor combo which will allow me to play HD movies without additional cost and at the same time will allow me to slowly upgrade.

My budget for this is $250(RS 11K)

I am open for both AMD and Intel processors

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  1. Forget about "future proofing"; it doesn't work. Intel is coming out with a new platform next year; look for closeout specials from your local vender. Your requirements are too vague to give a recommendation. Be sure to get the board, cpu, and ram together. Don't try to piecemeal it, as prices tend to change. I always check prices in Dec-Jan in my part of the world, when they tend to be lower. In general, for hd movies, the new p55 boards with onboard video are good; for amd, the 785 is good if you can find one with ddr3 support. Don't settle for ddr2; those boards are already being phased out. Save some more if necessary and go with ddr3 in either amd or Intel.
  2. o1die, what part of the world are you in?
  3. Texas. This is a uk site; tom's usa site causes explorer 8 to crash, at least on my pc. I can't really recommend any boards unless you give me a link to your vender.
  4. Thanks olide for our suggestion

    I actually stay in India.

    Your point well taken. However, to make my point more clear, I want a motherboard which supports HD video, latest Quad processors and and decent video editing(not a immediate requiremnt) without any heavy cost for Graphics card(I hate add on cards!).

    As you suggest, I have already decided to go with DDR3, I am also looking for USB 3.0 support in the motherboard. Also I am totally for the basic combo for motherboard, processor, RAM. Just that I want to make sure I am going for the best motherboard and a decent budget quad processor.

  5. Try to get one of these boards: the Gigabyte GA-H55M-UDH2 or the Biostar TH55B HD (my personal board); both have 4 ram slots and dual video ports. For amd am3 cpus, look for the msi 785GM-E51 or the Biostar TA785G3HD with similar specs. If you want the new usb 3.0 or Sata 3.0 features, you'll have to pay more for the motherboard than the cpu. I use the i3 530 with my biostar board, and overclocked at 3.67, it's plenty fast. To overclock my cpu and ram on the biostar, I just change the overclock setting to manual and the cpu fsb from 133 to 167 with no voltage increase on the cpu or ram. The i3 530 is not a gaming cpu, but for video work, works great. For gaming, get the phenom II 955 with one of the two boards I recommended. None of the boards I recommended has usb 3.0 support. It may be cheaper to get an add on card for usb 3.0 than to pay top dollar for a new board model.
  6. I have an i3 530 and the Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H and you can game on it no problem with a discrete gpu.,2647-4.html
    And the AMD 955 works great with the ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO mobo.
    Good suggestions for those on a budget o1die.
  7. Thanks Oldie and Davcon....your suggestions are great!

  8. i'm not sure all the uses you want it for...but shot for dell windows 7 professional at i could use all my old graphics software for xp. I also wanted my kids to be able to play all their old games as well. I also shot for a i7 intel processor. I had to wait a while for one of dell's sales. But it gave me time to save alittle more with a rather updated graphics card included in the price. I paid about $699. Dell has new sales about every 3 days to a week. And new deals monthly. You can also apply to be a preferred customer. I got a $1000 line of credit with no interest on the particular model i bought for 9 months. It was easy to apply too. I got my answer back in 5 seconds online. I don't have excellent credit either. I paid it off in 9 interest. Just don't pay our monthly payment late. They charge an $30 late fee...they got me once. just be safe not to aquire too much credit. it is not a bad idea to plan for the future. I couldn't afford bluray...but that was okay. I just wanted something to last another good 5 years. Best of luck.
  9. Dell will have end of quarter sales in July if you want to order one, when I hope to get a temp position with them.
  10. No disrespect intended but my cheapo build was between $650-750 and i live in Canada.Some components cost a little more.
    It's fast and has higher quality components then offered in a dell.
    You can see it in my member configuration
    I won't say anything bad about Dell because i have 2 Pentium D system from them and one is 8yrs old and i've never had a problem with it.
  11. Can't see your member configuration due to security settings. If you can build cheaper than dell, then you must be doing something right.
  12. Yeah! o1die it can be done only difference being the Dell's offer a better cpu
    and gpu for the same cost.
    However my build has a CM 690II Basic,OZC ModXtreme 600w,G.skills 1600MHz CL7,CM Hyper 212+,HD 4550, i3 530 and the Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H ,WD 1 TB HDD.
    I've seen what Dell includes and they practically give away i7's at that price range which is sheer volume discounting.
    But i think you'll agree i can re-use alot of my components for future builds.
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