Whats the best raid card that is supported on an Intel chipset

I will be building a new PC once Ivy bridge is released. And I was wondering what is the best RAID card that can be used on an extreme edition motherboard. not a workstation motherboard. But one that will work with the socket 2011 that is coming out (the X79 board). I was looking into LSI, but I don't know know if their RAID cards I wanted will work on the board I want. As i asked and they didn't really give me a straight answer. I would like it to support at least 2 Intel 320 SSD's and 6 Hard drives all with SATA III. And of course be quality and fast. This will be for a gaming/workstation computer I am building. So I was looking at upwards $900 for a card. Using PCI-E x8.
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  1. Your question can't be answered at this point in time.

    Drivers and/or firmware of RAID cards will have to be updated and that won't happen until after X79 boards are available to purchase.

    It's also possible that a driver/firmware update for a particular RAID card may not work for all X79 boards. So for example a particular LSI RAID card may work with an Asus X79 board, but not with a Gigabyte X79 board.

    Verify compatibility before you make a purchase.
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