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Indigo extreme amd

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a c 205 K Overclocking
a b À AMD
May 26, 2012 6:15:25 AM

I'm putting this in Genchat as I didn't want the restrictions of Air or W/c subsections, so I offer my apologies to Moderators if needed

A few of you may have encountered this stuff, its not thermal paste or a pad as such,
its something, else :p

Does anyone have experience with this stuff? not read reviews, have a mate who used it, met some dude in a bar who knows a guy etc....
It looks good on paper and Skinneelabs likes it
but if I'm stripping my rig to put this stuff on I'd like some real user feedback, you may or may not know my rig is, how can I put this?
a little more unwieldy than the average set up hehe
although I'm sure I can manage to run it on its side for ten minutes given a two, maybe three metre clear radius (Cats, get out of the room!!)
*Edit, looks like its going to be a real adventure getting my rig to reflow this stuff hehe, but in the pursuit of better temps, i'm willing to give it a go as soon as I can get some of them,
if I'd seen them before I did the Gfx card mods, I'd have trialled it on those
I even made this a question so someone can grab some points for their input :) 
I'm expecting Ryan to have encountered it, probably Rubix and possibly one or two others
Cheers guys,

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a c 351 K Overclocking
a b À AMD
May 26, 2012 3:03:14 PM

Moto, I have not personally used it, I have seriously researched it, as I was considering using it and decided against it.

The best way to explain Indigo Extreme as we would understand it, it is a controlled application of basically liquid metal that does not contain Gallium (an Aluminum Eater), it's flow rate is controlled by heat.

It is sandwiched between 2 dispersion layers of some type of material that it flows between when it gets hot enough to flow, the heat allows permeating those layers to make the necessary metal to metal contact.

The heat flow necessary for full complete coverage was one of the reasons I chose not to use it, plus it's pretty expensive per application.

From using the actual Liquid Metals that are not aluminum friendly which I clearly do not recommend for reasons listed in the Thermal Roundup, I would not use Indigo Extreme, for one reason you cannot be sure you've reached full heat flow coverage, and if you pull the block to inspect, you have to go back with a fresh application, it is not reuseable.

Timtronics Grey Ice 4200 is the best Thermal Compound I have used to date, from all the choices I have available to me left over from the Thermal Roundup, this is what I reach for and I trust. Ry

Additionally Indigo Extreme was offered the opportunity to be a part of the Thermal Roundup, but they did not submit testing samples.
a c 205 K Overclocking
a b À AMD
May 26, 2012 4:56:16 PM

Strangely its the last two lines of that post that sway me more than anything :-)
I may get some, and when I'm ready for a chip upgrade see how it fares, that way if installation kills the 975 it won't be quite as catastrophic as it could otherwise be :-)
I came across it as with summer temps 27'c, I'm idling/ surfing the web at 36-39'c, even with a 1-2'c delta and fans on full whack, too high for me hehe
Thanks for the educated opinion though man, I trust your judgement and will cross this off, at least until/if I ever go intel
Cheers Ryan
a c 205 K Overclocking
a b À AMD
May 26, 2012 4:56:48 PM

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