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Hi, I have a intel core2 quad q9400 stock, 8GB ddr2 ram, 750GB hdd, and one cd drive, 300w psu.
I am deciding between getting a 4770 or a 4670.
They say I can use a 4670 because it doesnt need connectors, but the 4770 is much faster and is 40nm, so its much more power efficient.

Look at these charts, because the 4770 doesnt even use 250 watts, and the 4670 doesnt even use 220 watts, and thats with water cooling, and a core i7 (4770) and QX9770(4670).
What should I get?
4770 power consumption: http://www.legitreviews.com/article/963/10/

4670 power consumption: http://www.legitreviews.com/article/792/11/

The computer is brand new ( has integrated graphics) and they say dell psu is pretty good, so I was just asking to see what I should get.
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  1. Yeah, an HD4770 will likely be fine on a 300w dell psu. The card has a power connector but it barely uses it.
  2. Thats what I thought.... the review had a freakin i7-965 and it didnt even use 250 watts! thats like a 150 watt cpu, and mine is 95 watt max!
  3. jyjjy do you think I have the connector for it? I have a new inspiron 545MT.. I dont know how to check if its compatible or not
  4. If your PSU doesn't have a 6 pin PCI-E connector most cards will come with a converter for the 4 pin power cables that power IDE hard drive/dvd drives ect. So just make sure it comes with one. On newegg they always have pictures that will show you everything that comes with the card.
  5. ok thanks
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