Help with my watercooling setup

Will the following allow for a good cooling solution for the 2 GPU's and CPU?

From what I've read, most people feel it would be better to use the GT 1850rpm fans.

The diagram is to scale. So the sizes you see, are likely to be very similar to how large they are in the actual build. Naturally, this also applies to the amount of free space available.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. for some reason, the picture isn't working, and the message can't be edited. So I've attached it here!

    EDIT: pic update
  2. Some of your fan orientations are off, and I'd be happier if the 240 at the top was a 360 maybe mounted externally as the optical drive is in the top slot, and I would have at least 1500rpm fans on EX's, the RX and RS series like slower fans, but the EX loves faster ones, I use 2k Rpm units on my Ex's wound down using a fan controller
    Other than that, follow the rule of thumb for fans, front, bottom and side are intakes, top and rear are exhausts,
    Apart from those points it looks ok man,
  3. 2x GTX 680's and an IB 3770k on 2x EX 240's?
  4. Like I said Rubix, happier if one was a 360, (Better if both were)
    but two 240's could hold Op with no overclocking,
    he hasn't mentioned his intentions on that front though
    I'm tempted to recommend some tinkering with the IHS though, try and keep that chip as cool as we can
  5. By fan orientation, do you mean placing the fans on the top, above the radiator?

    As you may have realised, this is a micro-ATX case. I don't have the room to add another radiator, except possibly a 120mm rad to the bottom. I don't plan on overclocking - gaming is the main intention of this rig. Given the space constraints, air cooling would be abysmal, so water cooling seems to be the only viable way.

    I don't want to place the radiator outside the case. I know that this is difficult, but I would really like to give it a go, and would appreciate as much help as I can get.

    Can anyone recommend the quietest 2000 rpm fan available? I'm fully aware that "quiet" is not really applicable to such fans.

  6. From the drawing I'd have taken it to be larger than M-Atx but,

    By fan orientation I meant the fans you have blowing in, some of them should be blowing out and vice versa, lets have some pics of the case as it will be placed in the end.
    if the pic above is going to be a 'from above' shot then its workable though,
  7. The case is a Fractal Arc Mini. Both 3.5" trays on the right side will be removed to allow for better cooling.

  8. Ok in that case its as I originally stated then, front,side and bottom fans as intake, top and rear as exhaust,
    *apologies there, I hadn't actually stated that as far as I can see in this thread, I'm just used to having mentioned it by now hehe,
    its a general rule of thumb in cooling though
  9. Would Scythe Gentle Typhoon 5400 RPM suffice for the above setup? I could use a controller to reduce the speed to ca.3000rpm
  10. Yes, those would have enough power to cool Ex's properly, and as you already mention slowing them, they will be slightly quieter than some 2k Rpm units ar full blast
  11. 5400 rpm, whats stopping OP from buying an NVIDIA edition fan blower?
  12. I owned one of those, btw. They did sound like a miniature hairdryer or leaf blower. I actually called mine the 5800 Ultra-leafblower deluxe.

    There was a HUGE amount of copper used for the cooler, though. The thing weighed a lot compared to most cards these days.
  13. Quote:
    I actually called mine the 5800 Ultra-leafblower deluxe.
    :lol: uhuh, sigh we do date a long way back with hardware rubix mate ... to think the sort of games we benched to see its true potential not to mention the PSU's needed.
  14. Haha, I said 5400rpm because it costs the same as the 3200rpm fan. I figured I might as well just get the faster ones and slow them down with a controller and still have the option to go cooler if necessary!
  15. Same reasoning I went with 2k units over 1650 ones, same price, more options :)
  16. ^ Also the reason I went with $7 Ultra Kaze 3000's w/fan controller.
  17. See? if several mental people do something, it becomes almost an elite thing hehe
    'only the best do xxx' :P,
    I only hope over-radding catches on as well :)
  18. you guys seem perfect to throw chuck noris out of Expendables 2 :lol:
  19. Haven't seen the first one yet lol,
    and anyway,
    Chuck norris doesn't need W/c, he just looks at the chip and tells it to simmer down
  20. Is it ok to use this fan controller even though the AP-31's have a higher ampere rating than each channel on the controller?
  21. ^ Fixed your links. To make URL's 'clickable', use before the www . some_web_address .com and then close it using (no space between the / and url).
  22. Brilliant! Thanks Rubix.
  23. can also embed image links to files with .jpg, .bmp, .png, etc using tags as well.

    You can also embed video, but not sure what the tags are...I'll need to check. I've only seen it a couple times on here.
  24. the video is if mem serves me well...
  25. I just use the video link thing from photobucket, works fine for me
    But yes, fan controllers with a higher wattage capacity will run cooler with more headroom, hence why I use 30w per channel units
  26. Lutfij said:
    the video is if mem serves me well...

    This is good to know, esp when linking YouTube vids or anything I might post up in the sticky (that I will get to, someday...)
  27. i did it a while ago, theres even a thread pertaining to posting videos via embedding

    so that should help everyone interested :) btw, looking forward to seeing those vids!
  28. Yes! That's what I was looking for...I've asked and most people weren't sure. Very good find.

    I had asked the question of what people wanted videos of in the WC and LCS coolers/discussions thread a while back...maybe time to repost the question.

    Anyway, didn't mean to hijack the thread with this, carry on...nothing to see here from me.
  29. *thank you* looks at passers by - "move on people, nothing to see here, move on..."
  30. I've run into a small problem with my build. Since my case only has two 5.25" bays, I'm struggling to find space to fit a fan controller, SSD, HDD, ODD, res and pump.

    My initial plan was to use a 3.5" fan controller - that way I could use a bay converter to fit that and two 2.5" storage drives together. But, the smallest fan controller that can effectively support my fans take up the entire bay. Since the second bay hosts the res and pump, I'm not sure where I can fit my HDD and SSD. ODD isn't necessary.

    The posts above have pictures of my potential setup and my case. Bear in mind that both HDD racks have been removed to allow for room for a second 240mm rad.
  31. ok this is a challenge but this is what I was thinking, have the fan controller in a 5.25 in bay behind that you could fit up to 2 SSD's. and you still have those HHD cages that you removed I hope, if so cut one full bay off the cage and mount it above the lower fan in the bottom of the case. for your ODD or HDD

    well i mount my res on the side panel and leave enough slack to open the panel at a 90 degree
    the pump i would mount in the bottom of the case between the fan and rad.
  32. Are you dead set on using a bay pump/res combo? You might consider a pump top/res combo instead if you have the room to just mount your pump w/top elsewhere inside your case.
  33. Mod the case, I have one fancontroller set into the roof below one of my rads, you don't have to use the bays etc the case manf provides,

    Don't just think outside the box, make your own box, and your own rules :)
    oh, and welcome to Modding heheh
  34. Haha, I don't have the time, money, equipment or knowledge to mod a case! Though I do love what you've done with yours.

    Rubix, based on my two images I've posted previously, where do you think it best to keep a res+pump? It would certainly help to have an extra bay - then I could even fit in an ODD!
  35. Quote:
    Don't just think outside the box, make your own box, and your own rules

    Sounds like this should be your new sig line. :)

    Good idea BTW on mounting the fan controller where you want. They are usually not very deep and could easily be mounted where you had a flat surface and a couple inches to spare behind the facing surface.
  36. Hehe, cheers Rubix, I may put a Toms sig file on the desktop and just alternate my wisdom offerings between a choice few :-)
    I have one all ready for when I hit master level btw, 4k points to go :-)
    @Op only tool for that mod is a drill with a 10mm bit, and you must know someone with a drill :-)
  37. Quote:
    I have one all ready for when I hit master level btw, 4k points to go :-)

    Saving up for a rainy day, eh?
  38. Always prepared hehe
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