Motherboard not detecting my graphics card at all

I just purchased a motherboard/cpu bundle which came with the M4A78L-M board and am AMD Athlon 2 X3 440 Processor 3000mhz. After installing and putting together my new system which is running windows 7, has 4gb of ram, 2 hard drives and a optical drive it will not detect my graphics card. The card is the PNY 8800 GTS. I have more than enough power with a 750watt supply. The on-board graphics work and device manager does not even see the 8800. Any idea on what I can do to fix this?
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  1. Have you installed the latest drivers for it ?
  2. no i have not because device manager does not even see the 8800. It is securely plugged into the pci-e slot and has a power connection from power supply and is running when the system is turned on but my computer won't detect it anywhere? any suggestions?

    p.s. persian here too bro
  3. Try re-seating the card and see if it helps.
  4. yeah i have tried that as well. i am drawing a complete blank of what else i can do here.
  5. Try disabling the on-board video card in BIOS and see if it recognizes your 8800 in device manager
  6. no luck. theres no option to disable onboard graphics. only pick your primary video source which is set to the pci-e slot. i even disabled the onboard in device manager and it still would not detect my 8800.
  7. Try updating your BIOS to the latest version.If that didn't help then if its possible,test with another VGA,because your PCI-E slot maybe faulty
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