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DVD players with DivX support

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August 15, 2002 3:25:48 PM

Hi, I was wondering if there are dvd players that support divx functions??

I saw the panasonic X410U dvd player with divX support, but every place i saw a review said that divx is dead.
what do they mean?
divx is more alive then ever...

Where can I find a player that can read a disc with a single .avi file in it which is in divx format?!


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September 22, 2002 3:19:25 AM

Just burn movies in SVCD format.

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October 16, 2002 2:50:33 AM


Was this post on page 8, or what?

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January 29, 2003 1:51:57 AM

That player is four years old. Plays the old Circuit City DIVX format (plus standard DVDs).

Don't confuse the defunct DIVX disc format with the now popular DivX compression scheme.

A few years ago Circuit City (and partners) were trying to introduce a competing format to DVD. It was called DIVX. Instead of a purchase/own philosophy which DVD uses, DIVX was to use a licensed plan. You rent it, your player dials into a network to verify the registration, and then you can play the movie. After a certain period of time the registration would expire and you would no longer be able to watch the movie, unless you renew/repay.

Here's a link to a description of that DIVX, <A HREF="" target="_new">;/A>.
(Read fast the link quickly jumps to a commercial site. LOL!!!!)

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January 29, 2003 2:05:54 AM


How the h*ll did this thread come to the top?

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February 3, 2003 7:58:00 AM

OK, sorry, Yeah this thread is old, but I just have to reply.

The DivX in regards to old DVD players is evil. DivX was most likely an Al Qaeida plot to subjugate all Americans under the iron fisted rule of the evil empire of DivX. Those who thought up the idea of having people purchase a movie, and then pay each time they want to watch it, should be thrown into Camp X-Ray.

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February 3, 2003 6:31:01 PM

Al Qaeida? LOL! No just pure capitalism, a way to make consumers pay more. Glad DIVX failed!!!!

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March 20, 2003 6:57:32 PM

Well, as long as it is already up here:

There is only one DVD player that I know of that will play Divx encoded movies right now, and that is the KiSS DP-450. Only available in europe as far as I have seen, but does take either power, so if you can get one shipped you don't need a power adapter just a cord that fits the outlet.

You can also mod an X-box to play Divx movies, which might not be too bad either. A stand alone DVD player is better quality for DVDs, but since Divx is lower quality anyways you probably wouldn't notice much of a difference.

And I don't know the name or model or anything, but someone told me about a portable MP3 type device with a 20GB Harddrive and a color display that will play divx movies (I think). You can watch on the screen, or it has a TV output. You could load up a couple of movies from your computer and head over to a friends house. Plug it into the TV and watch your movies.

Fairly expensive but very portable if you know what movies you want and can transfer them ahead of time.
December 19, 2009 4:43:44 PM

piaopiao228 said:
If you have several divx .AVI files on your hard drive and you want to burn them to dvds so that you can watch them on your TV or play on your non divx dvd player.
Here is a step by step guide on how to convert and burn Divx to DVD on Mac(Snow Leopard included).

This thread is seven years old. I think its safe to say the O.P. has resolved his issue. Think this is the worst "necro-thread" I've seen dug up. Must have taken some doing on your part.