I am unable to start my windows xp.

I am unable to start windows xp. When I am going to start xp it says that windows was not shut down succecfully and it gives 3 options 1.Start windows in safemode 2.start windows with safemode in lan and 3. start windows normally. When I choose any one of these option computer gets reboot and says same thing. Windows is not starting succeccfully . I Have not windows CD Please give me fast solution. Teperary I am using Linux OS.
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    you should permanently use Linux OS. Yay!

    If you do not have the Windows installation disc, or system recovery discs, you may have a system restore partition on the hard disk if it is a prebuilt system like dell, hp, acer, etc. If you dont own a windows license then you must purchase one or continue using linux.
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