Looking for manual, can I get some help?

Got an old Antec MB-6881 and ncan't find manual w/out getting run around.

a lil love her Pleeze? TY
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  1. I do not see anything either. Have you tried contacting Antec directly?

    That sucker is old!
  2. yeah it is old. what's goin on is some guy wants 30 bottom of the barrel computers just to get his employees online, wholle bunch of old n outdated parts everywhere n me n my friend have to put em together for him for dirt cheap. anyways yes i did try antec and nothin. Matter of fact it took me an hour just to figure out who made it cuz theres nothin identifying on it cept some p/n's and while investigating those I mostly just discovered alot of people who don't know what this thing is or where toget a manual, havin the same probs as me. eh well thanx anywho.
  3. ended up gittin another old as dirt mobo n makin that work thanx for replyin. Doc
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