Do recertified drives get the hours count reset?

I purchased some drives recently as re certified, along with some other re certified items.
it seems like some of the items I was sent are actually new and not re certified.

I use hdtune and checked the power on hours count and some of them have 0 hours on them.
do manufactures reset the power on counts when the drives are re certified?
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  1. anyone?
  2. well one of them was bad so i called western digital and they said that most of the drives have no or very low hours on them because people return them right away.

    So this means the are basically new drives.

    He also said that re certified means that someone thought the drive was bad and returned it and either it was determined not to be bad or it was fixed by the manufacture.

    I checked with newegg and the price has doubled even for this recertified drive in just a few weeks.
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