Q9550 or Phenom II X4 965 or i-7

Im in the current process of updating most of my computer and im stuck at the cpu. I currently have a e7400 at 2.8ghz. I really want to upgrade but im iffy about what to pick. The computer is the family computer as well as my computer for light to semi extreme gaming, and extreme multitasking. i have about a 300 dollar budget. I can get the 9550 for about $240 with no need for a new mobo, the phenom and a mobo for about 320, and a decent i-7 combo for over 350. Im wondering which one is the best bang for the buck, and also how much of performance difference their really is. Thank you for all the Help!!!! Greatly appreciate it!!!!!
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  1. Without haveing to replace your motherboard the Q9550 will be a vast improvement over your 7400.


    Check out these benchmarks the q9550 crushs the phenom in almost every app. I would say go for the 9650 if you can find one at a decent price. Now people will say 775 is dead bla bla bla. Core 2 puts down plenty of power to smash any game out there and overclock nicely too.
  2. i7 > PII-X4 965 > PII-X4 955 = Q9550

    Get Q9550 if you already has a decent LGA775 MB, because getting other platforms will force you put much more money on the new MB and DDR3 RAM.
  3. I agree, keep your mobo and grab a core 2 quad. It will save you money to buy more games, or a new video card! :)
  4. After some research I found a q9550 for $180 on eBay.... really considering the buy right now
  5. Is it a new one? Q9550 was merely $169.99 a few weeks ago at Microcenter FYI.
  6. Since you will never know how the original owner use it, I wouldn't get any second hand electronics.
  7. andy5174 said:

    They dont deliver do they???? :( ....the closest is one is about 10 hours away!!!!
  8. well keep in mind one thing that if you use an LGA 775 socket it's a dead end there is no upgrade option the next time you want to build a new PC you will have to buy a new motherboard....GOOD LUCK !!
  9. I just picked up two of the Q9550's at microcenter in Chicago/ westmount store.... yes they are on sale for $179.00 and just under $200 after tax... One for a clients build and one for myself...

    Its sucks that your 10 hours away from there store, I think new egg even has them on sale for $239-269 right now, could be wrong thou. I have the Phenom II 940 be @3.5 ghz and it scores 4991 with benchmark 06

    The Q9550 at stock 2.8ghz is scoring 4301, I have not overclocked it yet. If you have a good 775 socket board already I would say go for the Q9550. I am sure you will be happy with the performance you get out of it.
  10. oz73942 said:
    They dont deliver do they???? :( ....the closest is one is about 10 hours away!!!!

    Get this one then.

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