Opening folders, switching from tabs in Internet Browser affects HDD?

Ok, i never took this in mind till yesterday my friend told me that its not normal when i switch every time a tab in internet browser, or just open a folder or open a website or even just check the shared content from my brothers pc...HDD every time gives that sound like its working, like copying/writing data.

Is that really not normal?

i noticed the change when i added 2nd HDD 2 years ago, but didnt cared about that.
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  1. Well, it caches all the stuff locally, so it would be reasonable for it to be reading when you switch tabs.

    Writing could be tracking cookies monitoring your every step, malware, or just not having enough memory, or eleventy-seven other things.
  2. Sounds like you might have a page file on your second HDD. That would cause the issues you are describing.

    You could try - tightening the screws to your HDD/ and or adding silicon grommets to the screws to see if it helps with the "working noise".

    You probably can't completely get rid of it - but say if you have 8GB of RAM, you could possibly disable your pagefile (which might alleviate some of the noise).
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