How to format my kingston data traveller,while it shows write protecte

i have a Kingston 4 GB data traveler.i'm not able to format it,as it is write me
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  1. I am assuming that this drive doesn't have a switch on it that can lock or unlock the write protection. If that is the case, try the below option:

    Click > Start > RUN > type "CMD" Then
    Type "CHKDSK" and type the drive letter of your USB drive and "/F".
    Example: chkdsk Q: /F > Enter (Q: being the drive letter)

    After this is complete, safely remove the drive from your system and plug it in again. Try to format it again after this. This has solved that issue for me in the past.
  2. Is there a little switch somewhere on the flash drive that got moved to the locked position?

    Another possibility is a virus. I had a flash that became unable to format because of this.
  3. U may have a switch or a slider on the USB stick or microSD memory card to turn off the write-protection.

    If not, try this USB Flash Drive 101 guide
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