I5 750 vs i7 860

Which one do you recommend for a strictly gaming PC?
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  1. Between the two they are just about dead even for gaming. I would go for the I5 because it is cheaper and will give you the same performance for "gaming".

  2. i7-860 is definitely better, but the performance gain does not worth the premium IMO.

    However, grab a 860 quickly if you are near a Microcenter which sell 860 for merely $200.
  3. Will I have a problem with max settings with either processor? I'm planning on getting a Radeon 4870 GPU.
  4. Hell no! Both are great even for a HD5970 which is the current best card.
  5. you will have no problem at all running max settings with that card and an i5 750
  6. I meant to say 5870 not 4870.
  7. HD5970 > HD5870, so still same answer from me.

    BTW, HD5870 sucks in cost-performance ratio. HD5850 is the best buy so far.
  8. Yeah just not sure that I want to spend $200 more for the 5970 even though I know it's a beast of a card. I really want to see what kind of benchmarks the GTX 470 has when that comes out. I'm not planning on buying all these parts for another couple months, so that should be out by that time.
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