Buying 1TB HDD suggest....

I'm planning to buy again a 1tb HDD for my computer... So far I have 1tb and 500gb HDD all are Seagate Barracuda...

my problem is lately I cant find the same HDD for my computer (on my local market) and decided to swtich brand, so is there any like of my barracuda and different name?? ofcourse I mind the quality of it since its a storage...
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    Now is one of the worst time to buy HHDs. The floods in Thailand have created shortages. Prices are 2 to 3 times what they were a month ago. If you can wait, you'll save money. A 1 TB hhd that sold for $60 now goes for $150.
  2. aw that cant be helped T_T anyway im not buying for now thanks dude!
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