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please help!

I am using OCZ RAM (OCZ DDR2 2GB kit OCZ2N800SR2GK) , from last one year without any problem SLI enabled in BIOS MAX CPUOC everything set to AUTO nothing overclocked suddenly all just happend. system crashing BSOD's can anyone tell what problem causing it all suddenly. now whenever i enable SLI mode in BIOS, system wont BOOT hangs on POST screen. Disabling SLI works but after using system for sometime BSOD.

BIOS: back to 1305
Memory tested (memtest): Ok

Thread started in ASUS support but no help :( :cry:
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  1. This could be for several reasons, including the power supply going bad. Check to make sure all of your fans are clean and operating. Make sure have good airflow and that nothing is blocking your fans to the maximum extent possible.

    If the inside of your case is dirty, get some canned air and blow the system out, making sure all of your heatsinks and fans are clean, as well as any fan grills.

    If these steps don't stabilize the system, try to swap your power supply with a known good PSU that meets your system's requirements to see if that does the trick.

    PSUs, even very good and expensive ones, fail. When they do, they often cause the very symptoms you are experiencing. I keep a spare PSU on the shelf for just such times.

    Based on your system's history and symptoms, a new PSU is likely in your future.

    Good luck!!!
  2. Checked everything.. fans running properly no dust(one week back cleaned UP whole system), CPU fan okay all fans working at normal speed.
    one thing i want to know why SLI enabled not working in BIOS suddenly thats the main issue arise... when i enable SLI in BIOS system just hangs in BIOS post messages :(

    [BTW whats the relation between PSU and SLI RAM]

    CPU: Intel Q6600 revision: B3
    PSU: Cooler Master real Power Pro 850
    Heat Sink: Zalman CNPS 9700NTjavascript:%20validform(this);
  3. What is the memory voltage set to? If you left it in AUTO it is probably using the default 1.8 Volts.

    Your OCZ RAM is spec'd to run with 2.1 Volts. Go into the motherboard BIOS configuration and manually set it to 2.1 Volts.
  4. ya i did 2.1V same problem BIOS hangs, when i set timing too 4-4-4-12 and 2.1V then system boots up. even my back LCD poster i cant read
  5. tushars said:
    ya i did 2.1V same problem BIOS hangs, when i set timing too 4-4-4-12 and 2.1V then system boots up. even my back LCD poster i cant read

    So when you manually set your memory timings and voltage it works.
    What did you set the Command Rate to? 1T or 2T?
  6. one week back and command rate set to AUTO (CPUZ show 2T) but system sometime throw lots of BSOD
  7. What is the total amount of RAM installed?

    What is your NorthBridge Core Voltage set to? Try 1.40 Volts.
  8. everything set to auto. to check NorthBridge voltage need to run CPUZ? let me try 1.40volts ..
  9. A bad PSU can be sending inconsistent power to the system's various devices, particularly the GPUs. That could cause the SLI issues and the inconsistencies you seem to be having with your memory. I assume all was well for some period of time and now the system is unstable? Is that correct?
  10. in that case just SLI enabling in BIOS cause BIOS post messages hangs freezee?
  11. It could because the PSU may not be able to power both GPUs, properly. Try pulling your second GPU to see if the system stabilizes.
  12. Its not Graphic card issue[using single graphic card 7600GT], its related OCZ SLI RAM accodring to OCZ EPP: EPP 4-4-4-15 1T(CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS) ] giving me problem.

    @ko88: showing i did whatever i said above post NorthBridge volts same issue, RAM SLI enabling in BIOS, post message hangss :(
  13. I never said it was a graphics card issue, rather I said it may be a PSU issue. Good luck resolving.
  14. ok checked with corsair PSU same problem :(
  15. one thing i tested when i set 4-4-4- TRAS-15 Command Rate- 1T, memory Volts Auto and Manuall Set 2.00 both tested BIOS Hangs and same 4-4-4 tRAS-15 Command Rate Auto and Memory voltage Auto system boots UP perfect :)
  16. Congrats on finding the right memory timings sweet spot. Have you been able to stress the board to check for overall stability?
  17. after regular 24 hours use same memory timing faced lots different BSOD. shuould i upload dump for the same.
  18. Re-read the entire post, so lets start over. Until recently, your system had been stable. What, if anything, changed just prior to the system becoming unstable? In your original post, you said something about going back to version 1305 BIOS. What version had you been using when all of this started?

    What other hardware is installed in this system and what flavor of Windows are you using?
  19. currently using BIOS: 1305(upgraded to BIOS 2002) and Windows XP Pro 32 bit

    What version had you been using when all of this started? --> 1305
  20. Got it. I assume the new BIOS version didn't fix anything so you reverted back to the original BIOS.

    Either you mobo or RAM seems to be flaky given that you ruled out the PSU as the possible problem.

    Have you run memtest to verify that RAM is good? If not familiar with memtest, you can download Ubuntu Linux and run memtest from the CD by booting from the CD and selecting the proper option (it will be evident).

    Do you have any other RAM that you can swap into the mobo to check out stability of the mobo?
  21. ok tested 1 week with my kingston value select 4GB kit RAM, no BSODs and no crash i think there is some issue with my OCZ RAM (OCZ DDR2 2GB kit OCZ2N800SR2GK) :( need to buy new OCZ 4GB OCZ SLI KIT or can you suggest me some best compatible RAM for my board
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