Using Windows Programs or BIOS to Overclock

Which is better,utilizing the actual BIOS to overclock it manually, or have something like AI Suite ll's TurboV Evo Autotuning overclock it for you. I ask this because I am not sure how to overclock, as in what things should be turned off and such.
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  1. Use the BIOS. It's simple and there are many guides around the internet. There even a couple here on the forum. Just read everything you can and you should be fine
  2. For a modest OC the Newer MB utilities seems to do a pretty good job.
    For a Higher OC you are better off going manual.

    Used the MB utility for an i5-750 to get nice 3.2 GHz and the Asrock utility (i5-2500k) was good upto 4.6 (Backed of to 4.2 as not much difference between 4.2 and 4.6). They both are overly aggressive on Vcore. What i did is verified stability (using prime95), then started backing off on vcore to just above the point of instability.

    NOTE: when running prime95 MONITOR your temps (ie for both the i5-750 and i5-2500k If using a stock HSF will raise temps above comfort levels) Also Prime95 is good for verifing your +12 V rail under load.
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