AtiTool problem

I have installed AtiTool in order to overclock safely my videocard and when i tried to start it this error appeard "The Kernel Mode Driver does not seem to be running. A device driver is required for communication with your video hardware. If you just upgraded from an older version it may help to uninstall AtiTool, reboot, then install the new version" ,cant touch the videocard clocks cause of that , and im installing this program for first time so this tip from the error didnt help .At the description of this program is said that it supports nVidia and ATI cards .

Windows 7 x64
nVidia GF GT 440 GDDR5 1GB
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  1. aff i quoted myself by mistake :D
  2. nvm , i have installed the 0.26 version (last known stable version) wich doesnt support my videocard , everything is fine with 0.27b4
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