Hardisk is not showing all the folders

I have a 500 gb hardisk. it had 8 folders occupying about 300 gb of space.
Recently , i plugged it in and it has only 2 folders. however, when u look at the space its still occuping the space of my missing folders.
I changed the files and folders option so tht if they are hidden it shows em but still not.
the 2 folders on it take up only 50gb or something.
Is this some virus?
because it was working perfectly before this.
Now, i have missing data that is still occupying space. which probably means it is still there somewhere in the hardisk or not
i ran kaspersky and it didnt detect any virus on comp or hardisk.
and, i checked by prop and tools for errors and it did ran and didnt show any msg after that.
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  1. Give it a try with http://www.piriform.com/recuva
    Download the free version.
    Hope that helps and issue gets resolved - All the best!!!
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