Broken Hard drive - power light will not turn on?!

I currently have an external hard drive that I got in August of this year. I've recently travelled from Canada to Italy with the hard drive in my backpack and once I arrived in Italy, whenever I plugged in the hard drive, the power light will not come on and it will not register with my laptop.

Is there ANY WAY of accessing the files from this hard drive?! It has all of my college school work on it.

Please help!!
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  1. I am guessing that it is a laptop (2.5") external drive.

    First thing - try another computer to make sure that your laptop is not the problem.

    If the drive is dead, you have two possibilities:
    1. The USB interface is dead, or
    2. The hard drive, itself, has failed.

    No power light seems to indicate that the USB interface is the problem.

    You can try disassembling the external drive and installing it in another external case.
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