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I'm trying to help a friend update the bios on a new motherboard so it will talk to the processor he bought. At the moment he can't get the box to do anything not even a system beep on startup. the asus website advises that the current bios is not compatible with the processor and needs to be updated. We have access to a floppy drive that I assume is needed as it will not be possible to change the boot priority. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

The Soundman
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  1. Sounds like a catch-22. The board needs a CPU to run a BIOS update - there's no way around that.

    Guess your best option is to find a CPU you can borrow (any CPU that runs on the board), use it to update the BIOS, and then clear the CMOS and plug in the new CPU.
  2. I'll look into it Thanks!
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