Plz suggest mid level gaming rig below USD400

Hi currently i own dell gx270, which is a fine comp except cannot play even low end games.

I mostly use this comp for surfing net and some times for word or excel. But i cannot play any descent games on this comp.

So can any one suggest me a good rig that fits these conditions;

1. must be below usd 400/- . i already have monitor 17'', hdd 60gb, mouse, keyboard, speakers and windows xp sp3. So these can be excluded from parts i will be needed to buy.

2. must be able to play games at medium level at resolution 1024*768 pixels only. I dont use any higher resolution and not planning to.

3. the system need not be too mush future proof. ie, I will be using this comp for maybe 2-3 years max and will buy a descent one latter. Because right now I am in a very tight budget

4. I will mostly be using this new comp for internet surfing and sometimes playing games at mid level settings.

5. I want a stable system. my current comp I leave on for 2-3 weeks continuously and it has never crashed in last 2 years. I had bought this second hand for usd 80/- 2 years back. Its very stable.

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  1. Hmm actually at such low resolutions for games i the best/cost effective upgrade may just to add a better discrete card hehe
  2. I want to add a AGP card to it but its too much problem. it has to be low profile 32bit only and also i will have to upgrade my power supply. its too much headache.

    i love my current comp but really sometimes i need to play games. so i think i will buy a new comp. can you suggest.
  3. On top of my head

    A2X2 240
    AM3 785G
    2GB DDR3
    HD 4670
    Rosewill mATX case 120mm fans capable
    OCZ 550

    Reuse everything else
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    Hmm could do a wee better i guess :P
    Stuff from Egg: $293 AR

    Case from tiger direct $30
    $323 AR total
  5. wow thanks a lot.

    i will check it out although it looks way better than my current machine.

    i have 1 question. will it be better to spend less on cpu and mobo and more on graphics card?

    thanks a lot
  6. Most of the time 100% hell ya! But in your case ...1024 x 768 gaming i can't see how a HD 4670 is even tickled in that resolution so you could save up and get a better GPU once u move out of your current LCD?
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