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Well I currently have the Ageia PhysX card which I bought long before Nvidia bought the rights for PhysX technology and I also have a Nvidia graphics card however...

However my Nvidia graphics card recently fried and now I am searching for a new graphics card. I've been looking around and it seems to me that at the moment AMD does have the best cards so my question now is:

If I get an ATI card will my Ageia PhysX card still be able to handle physics separately or have they added some block that only allows computers with Nvidia cards to utilize PhysX now?

I'm a bit of a beginner when it comes to hardware so any help would be appreciated =)
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    Here are a couple links to help you:

    My personal PhysX thread about getting A dedicated PhysX card to run with an ATI card doing the actual graphics work:
    Tom's news article about working around Nvidia's Blockage of PhysX GPU in the presence of an ATI GPU:,8786.html

    Good luck.
  2. ^+1

    Follow JofaMang's advice.
  3. There are several ways to use an ATI card together with a dedicate PhysX card enabled.
  4. Thank you guys, I ordered a ATI card today so I hope this works now.
    Still think it's bad of Nvidia since I bought my PhysX card long ago and should be able to use it as is without having to use these work arounds.
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