Over Clocking AMD Opteron Magny-Cours Processors

Is it possible to overclock AMD Opteron 6228 CPU's? I am new, but I knowpeople who could do the wok on the motherboard or whatever if I can find out how it's done. I have 2 of the on an ASUS KGPE-D16 motherboard. They are the first generation socket G34 cpu's mine has 8 cores and runs at 2Ghz. For cooling I use Noctua's best air coolers for that socket which keeps the cpu's under 31 degrees C. all the time even during tests where all cores run at 100% for a couple of hours. The old coolers couldn't cool them down below 50 deg. C. ever and usually ran in the 60's. I would get a water cooling system if necesarry. I don't want speeds so high that there is any instability. Maybe 2.5Ghz or so. I read somewhere that the faster chips from AMD were exactly the same with the clock just turned up so I am pretty sure that they can handle higher speeds, I just can't find andanswers anywhere on the net, I have been looking for several months. If it is impossible I will end up getting 2 of the seconf generatin 6200 Series cpu's. Thanks for any insight into my question/problem that you might have.
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  1. I was wondering the same...post if you get a reply elsewhere.
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