Is this a good overclock? Does it make sense?


I've followed this guide (after looking at many others) and CPU-Z did not show the manual Vcore that I entered in the UEFI/BIOS.

So basically.. I set the multiplier to 45, I set LLC to 50%, disable C1E and SpeedStep, set the Vcore to manual, and to 1.330v..
BUT, when I open up CPU-Z, on idle, it gives me a voltage of 1.312v.. under full load, it gives me 1.280v (both at 4500mhz).

Can someone explain why the Vcore in CPU-z is different than the one in I set in the BIOS??

Many thanks.

CPU-Z report:

EDIT: Btw, can I push the voltage down a bit more??
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    as cpu's get hotter, they will lower the voltage (Vdroop)... try setting LLC to 100% or upping the cpu VDDC
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