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I am aditya, I want to buy Nvidia 9500GT GDDR3 512MB. The shopkeeper said its not yet launched or doesnt come in India.
Thanks in advance for all you members help in Regards,

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  1. Yes, the 9500gt has been out for quite a while (released on 29.07.2008).
    If you are looking for a gaming card, this is extremely underpowered, virtually identical to the earlier 8600GT and performance not much higher than the ancient 7600GT.
    Look into a 4670, 9600GTS or 9600GT instead for a budget gaming card.
  2. I know 9500GT is available in the market.. there are 2 types of graphics card which is used in animation and gaming. 1 is 9500GT DDR3. I am looking for GDDR3 not DDR3..
  3. Try a different shop.
    What is it you really want us to do for you, make your guy stock it?
  4. I just wanted to know wether GDDR3 is launched or not...
  5. Yes, it launched on July 29, 2008.
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