What to sli with?

hi everyone

i have a evga geforce 9600gt and im currently upgrading my pc with new stuff.
but i would like to keep the 9600gt and sli it but i cant buy it anywhere annymore....
does anyone know what a good sli combo with this or should i buy the nvidia geforce 9600gt to sli with with my evga version?

thy for all helpfull replys!
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  1. Hey there

    First I should clarify--all 9600gt are Nvidia. Nvidia is the graphic processor company, while EVGA is only the manufacturer of your graphic card.

    9600GTs are still for sale, but will probably end by january (nvidia has already released its replacement-the GT240)

    9600GT listing

    if you are going this route-- remember to make certain you have an SLI ready motherboard and PSU.

    Also you should consider how long you intend to keep this new build. If its only a couple years then SLI 9600gt would be a decent choice--if its longer than that you might want to consider just buying a new card with DX 11.
  2. Also I probably should have asked you about your other computer specs, what you are using the PC for, how powerful you need it to be, your budget, and etc if you want to get into a longer discussion.
  3. i used to run a dell dimension E 5200
    but for some wierd reason my powersupply burned....(dont need to go in deatails of what wuz in there it broken)

    But all my hardware (graphics card, cd drives, hard disks and ram) are still in tact so im buying a new motherboard, cpu, cooling, powersupply, case and maybe an extra graphics card and ddr3 ram(old ram was ddr2)

    my buget is aroung 700-800 euros and i was thinking about buying an
    intel i7 920.

    so do u have anny good ideas??
  4. and i will only use the sli for a year or so.

    oh and with sli does the cpu and memory clock and memory size have to be the same???
  5. Yes, dells usually have pretty bad power supplies...

    About the graphics card--I think your decision should rely on how cheap you can find a 9600GT. I am not certain of this, but I think the two of them together should be near a GTS 250/9800 GTX in general performance. They certainly wouldnt beat out any high performance cards, but would give you a little more power to run a lot of monitor space.

    Found this in another posting:
    It looks like the SLI performance varies greatly from game to game.

    Personally, were I you--I would rebuild my system first--spending more money on the PSU and processor. If at that point the added system power isnt enough to tide you over for a few months until buying a new graphics card you can consider another 9600gt as a temporary measure.
    SLI does not give you double the power--maybe only 60% more, so if you can just save for a new card after finishing the build it would be more economical.

    You might be interested in reading the system builder article from Sept. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/amd-enthusiast-crossfire,2421.html

    I dont know about euro availability on parts, etc. I hope someone else jumps in here to help you.

    This forum looks similar to your issue:

    If you dont get a lot more responses here--design your ideal build and post it in the homebuilt systems section like the above person. You will get dozens of replies there with better ideas.
  6. Oke ill do that :p
    and my buget is about 1200 dollars.
    But i allready made a new post for my pc but thank for the advice and ill think ill buy à new card after a fee months and buy 2 of them and sli them :)
  7. I just looked at your other post and I dont believe newegg ships to Europe. (I suggested that before you told me)
  8. oke then ill have to order them to a friends hous in the us and pick them up there in the summer vacation :P

    but thanks 4 all ur help
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