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My asus p5w dh delux motherboard keeps shutting down with the screen saying .....out of range.......when I reboot it lasts for anywhere between a minute and one or two hours. it worked perfectly for four years. the hard disk is fine...... (it works on another pc) any help would be great.
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  1. "Out of range" means you are feeding a signal to the monitor that the monitor cannot handle.

    Boot to Safe Mode and reset the resolution to one that the monitor can handle.
  2. now it wont even boot when I enter set up the page appears for about 10 seconds then goes black, if I restart the same thing happens.
  3. Try to clear the CMOS.. remove the onboard battery for couple minutes then try again and post results..
  4. After replacing the motherboard I found out the old motherboard was ok,

    problem was a faulty video card.
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