Stupid question.

So my friend and I put together this new system (mostly him I watched to try and learn) My computer has two hard drives. The /C drive is a solid state drive of 120 gigs and my regular hard drive is /D. My problem is I hear solid states you don't want to put too much data on all the time such as (music, cookies from sites, porn) because you don't want to rewrite them and reformat them a lot. All i really want on it is windows 7 maybe my favorite video games and just really important stuff i need loaded fast. and since everything that saves to my desktop saves on /C my solid state its annoying, I always having to select /D (and sometimes i don't even get the option.)

My questions are;

How do you switch the two.

Am i over reacting about the SSD?

I really appreciate any help thanks in advance <3
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  1. Bump, please anyone know?
  2. Please explain why you think that "everything saves on C". For most software (Office, IE/Firefox, etc.), you can set a default destination, so you only have to tell it once where to save stuff.
  3. ... and yes, you're right in assuming you don't want to use an SSD for everyday data. These things are getting better as well, but still far inferior to hard times with regards to max read/write cycles.
  4. well when i have stuff on my flash drive that i want to move to my desktop it goes on to /C. Basicly what i would like is for everything i click and drag to my desktop to be on /D. I want my cookies from websites to go on /D right now they go to /C
  5. and if you have the time Lok if you could tell me how to make everything save on /D default such as cookies, and make my desktop associated with /D that would be great.
  6. I found this elsewhere but haven't tried it out yet: If you move all your documents and data (not programs from the c:\program files) to the d: drive within explorer, windows will know what you're doing and actually link c:\documents and settings\*username\my documents to d:\whatever\my documents if you perform a move.

    This may already do the trick for you.
  7. if you keep moving files/folders to desktop its always gonna save on C, just open up "my computer" double click on drive D and drag your stuff there
  8. so i spent like 4 hours searching think this would work scroll downa nd read the like 8 steps
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