Not necessarly about Oc'ing.. but need help with cooling.

Whats up guys, I built an i5 2400 system using a cooler master 212 EVO cooler. My temps while gaming on Diablo 3 on all high settings ( fps etc ) is around 42c on the CPU. I also noticed that my SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 6870 will get around 58c. The fan is on 100% on the CPU and around 92% on the Sapphire.

Is there a way to lower the temps any more? The case I have is an Antec 300 ( I have the fans on medium that are pre-installed ) I have an intake fan on the front of the case ( scythe 120mm slipstream ). Should I add another fan on the side of the case's door blowing onto the motherboard? Any other heatsinks on the GPU, MB etc that would help?

Or are those temps while gaming alright?
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  1. The temps you are showing are nothing to be worried about. I would run those temps 24/7 without any concern. Adding an additional fan may be helpful but I wouldn't expect to see more than a 1 or 2C change.
    You should be fine as is.
  2. Those are VERY low temps.
  3. You have a good 30C of headroom on both your CPU and GPU.
  4. Whoa really? hah thanks guys. I thought since my cPU is around 30 while browsing the web and then jumps to around 44c while gaming.. it seemed high. Also the GPU was around 60c at its highest yesterday
  5. Great temps! Whatever you did, you did well!
  6. So whats the temps I should start to worry about?

    70c on the CPU
    80c on the GPU?
  7. ^Yep.
  8. 98C is thermal limit for the i5-2500k as for the 6870 it's in the high 90's.
  9. Whoa haha yeah Im pretty cool then.. Thanks guys.

    Lastly, based on my CPU temps while gaming, Im guessing I installed the cooler and thermal paste correctly? Not too much, but just enough huh?

    This is my first built PC, so thats why the noob questions.
  10. Everything is perfect man. Like Amuffin said, you're well below unsafe temps.
    Everything is perfect.
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