System wont boot after ram upgrade

After installing 2x 1GB chips of crucial RAM ( max system will take) my system wont boot; fan just spins and HDD light on. I replaced old 2x 256MB chips and same; no boot, no signal to monitor. I cant get into BIOS.
Mobo- Trigem Imperial- intel 8545 glve- Celeron 1.7 Ghz C.P.U
eMachines 270 :whistle:
was working fine before upgrade, HELP!!!
Other bits added to sys;
Maxtor 160GB HDD
R/TEK ethernet Miniport PCI
Btw RAM is PC3200 DIMM 400Mhz 2.6v CL3 1GB x 2
please, any advice or help much appreciated and needed!!
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