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I would like to add a switch to the power cables connected to my sata hard drives. I use one for windows 7 and one for xp. I windered which cables go where on the switch. Its an illuminated double pole, single throw rocker switche. anyone done this before?
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  1. I cannot answer your question, I tried that several years ago on IDE drives on an 8086 board - didn't work for me. If your intent is to dual-boot, you do not need those switches:

    -- Load WinXP on one HDD,

    -- Then load Win7 afterwards on the other HDD, and Microsoft will let you choose which OS you wish to boot after your BIOS loads.

    -- If you already have the OSes installed on the two disks, there is a nice "how to" guide here, you'll have to set up an account, but it is free, and does not "spam" my email..
  2. The problem is that you will need a 3 pole switch for the 3.3, 5, and 12 volts.

    But I agree with tree frog. Why bother? Besides, you will need to go into the BIOS each time you want to change the boot device.
  3. I did this for two ide hard drives as I didn't want them running if they weren't being used and I didn't want to constantly be going inside my case to disconnect them. I used simple standard wall switches and occupied two 5.5 inch drive bays to mount them. Electricity is a "mystery" so while "philosophically" fewer switches should work by combing all the grounds, I got the notion that there might be some kind of feed back loop from the psu to the switch and I didn't want that happening--just out of ignorance and superstition. I also note that lots of plugs have more than one ground--so, seems to me that "every" power supply wire needs to be included in a switching scheme. It worked just fine for me, including leaving the data cables attached, for 6 months, then I did something else and actually want to try getting by with fewer hard drives connected at any one time. Superior management rather than hobbies/modification. Its fun though and I smile whenever I come across those switches--all nicely wrapped in duct tape.
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