EVGA P55 FTW power supply

thinking about buying this MB, but i only have a 550w power supply...the MB says is rated for a 600 psupply.
I do not plan on major oclocking. And will only be running 1 nvidia 9600 card for now. Will i be able to run this mb of my current p supply?

the evga ftw mb specs page

my power supply specs
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    Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Yeah u can use that PSU for the mobo BUT u need buy this because the 12V connector of ur mobo is 8 pin and ur PSU only have a 12V 4 pin connector.
  2. thanks, decided to step down 20 bucks to the mid level sli board instead of the ftw...already ordered from new egg. but looks like i needed that connector for it too. Thanx 4 the input man...greatly appreciated.
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  4. Any time that's why we are here. Come back to the forum as soon as u want.
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