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Good WC loop/parts?

Hi there I am looking to build a good 3D gaming PC

I am very interested in WC but I don't like the look of prebuilt systems!

I would like to OC to 5GHz Stable

My specs are:

CPU: Intel Core i5 3570K

Mobo: ASUS Sabertooth Z77

RAM: 2x4GB Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 1600Mhz

GPU: EVGA GTX 680 Hydro Copper x1(will add in a 2nd when necessary)

Case: CM HAF X [...] ct_id=6653

I'm looking to Cool my CPU and GPU(s)
My budget is around $450-500 USD for complete WC setup

So far I've got these parts picked out(not purchased!)

Rad: Swiftech MCR320-XP

Pump+Res: XSPC Dual 5.25" Bay Clear Reservoir + Swiftech MCP655-B

I need a good CPU Waterblock that will fit my 1155 socket.

Please post your opinions on the parts I have chosen.


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  1. Well you may be able to squeez it in with that budget, start with apogee hd or ray storm for cpu they perform the same then id go with xspc rads in the bottom of an tj07 silverstone or an 800 d corsAIR case and get mpc 655 pump get 15 feet of 3/4od 1/2id color tubing of choice , they make a tyon of water blocks for vid so you will just have to research to see what cools the best but its not so important on vid , just that they r under water is enough.then add up all of your fittings and get compression or barbs keep in mind some compressions are huge and wont fit on some places like the round resiviours ,anyways sometimes they dont work..Oh ya dont forget a res for liquid storage..
  2. oh btw my bud got a rez with the helix in it double bay and the housing made the pump extremely noisey so you may want internal pump and res instead o bay mount. Up to you....
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    A single 360 for the cpu at 5GHz would be pushing it, let alone adding a 200w card, possibly two,
    Another thread with a similar build and aspirations has two EX240's as the original plan, I advised him to make at least one of those a 360 and I say the same to you especially as you wish to overclock
    Two 360's is more like in line with your plans here
    Pumps good,
    Raystorm slightly better than the Apogee but both good solid blocks,
    He doesn't need a gfx card block rob, comes ready plated for a loop
    and his pump/reservoir is a onepiece deal, no need for separate res there,
    which frozenQ res does your mate have btw? he may find that filling it 100% helps dampen out noise, as well as having some dampening material down the side between the res and Hdd bay
  4. modo's hit alot of nails on this thread :) can't say much except!...
    the hydro copper is made/milled by swiftech, though their previous run with the hydrocopper wasn't that good...the komodo's (swiftech's own hydro copper on a commercial run) seem to be awesome performers.

    * someone said something about a leaky frozenQ res - might have done something terrible to it to get that out of a frozenQ res.
  5. I thought you had another thread just like this...I mentioned that you could do it with that budget since the Hydrocopper cards will already have the card on them as part of the cost of the card. I personally wouldn't do it that way, but if you are, all the power to you.

    i5 3570k and SLI 680's, you are looking at around 500 watts TDP at stock, but likely more like 450-475.

    Either 2x 240 rads, or a good 360 rad should keep you pretty well in the game...but you'll want 1800 rpm fans with decent static pressure/CFM...if you want to run cooler or lower speed fans, you'll want a little more radiator space, like a 120+360, a 140+360 or a 240+360.
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  7. Cheers guys, this helps alot =D I had another thread but after like a month and not getting anywhere, I just decided to make a new one ;)
    thanks for all the info x2 360's would be sweet, just wondering where to put the 2nd one on my HAF X =S

    Moto, should I start a build log? >.>
  8. Would I get away with a 3x120 in the roof and a 1x120 on the back of my HAF X? for CPU and 1 GPU? if I added another GPU that was air cooled in SLI would that work?

  9. If you are having two cards on there its a 360+240 minimum, more radspace will allow slower quieter fans, and yes to a build log, they are a good revision aid for others, and its good to look back over your progress sometimes, see where tweaks can be made/altered
    And thank you for B.a.
  10. well deserved BA, modo's got this covered...except, have you purchased the case by now? might wanna look at other out there for that price and getup.
  11. I'll start one in the next 24 hrs, getting my Mobo tomorrow =D
    yeah I already got the case, would change it for anything! I love it ^^
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