OCZ Agility 3 & Vertex 3 60GB's - Should I Do It?

There's a Newegg mail-in rebate for these two SSD drives that would put them under $100. I always fulfill my rebates so that's not an issue. The question is should I spend $88 on these or wait for the Crucial M4's to go on sale again.

I'm purchasing this drive to be a boot-up drive with a handful of apps. I've already got over 1.5 TB's of storage on other HDDs in my PC so I don't need alot of space hence the 60GB size.

I'm not a power user, more of a budget enthusiast, but I do play games on my PC (Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Batman AC, Shift 2). I don't plan on installing the games on the SSD though. Just want to get my PC up and running quickly.

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  1. 60 GB is a little small for a system drive. You will find yourself either setting up RAID0 (DO NOT DO THIS - personal opinion) or doing tricks to install some of the apps on the other (non-boot) drive.

    OTOH, if you are sure that you can come in under 60 GB, by all means go for it. The 1000 percent improvement that you will get now will wow you just as much as the 1080 percent improvement you would get after waiting. (those are randomly chosen numbers)
  2. Oh I've actually been steady at 40GBs or so for the last year. I have almost everything installed on other drives. But you still didn't answer the question: WHICH DRIVE :bounce:
  3. You didn't ask that question! The Agility 3. See this: /file/forcefile extended-gnma extend-gnma.txt , where Tom's pegs it as the best at $100 even.
  4. Yeah, I pretty much resolved to get the Agility and then guess what the Corsair Force 3 60GB is now on sale with the same price with a rebate. Decisions decisions.....
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