A good Mobo for Athlon X3 II 445...??

Hi frens,

how is everyone...?

I'm making a gaming pc based on the Athlon X3 II 445. What would be a excellent mobo which would fulfill these requirements....

1. Easy Overclocking.
2. Easy Unlocking of 4th Core.
3. Stable tempretures & easy to use bios etc.
4. Small in size as i'm trying to make the smallest desktop possible... is it called mid atx/micro atx ?
5. Usb 3.0 & Sata 6
6. AM3

Things not required...

1. Onboard Graphics not required.
2. Crossfire not needed as a Athlon X3 II 445 anyways cant do justice to 5850 in crossfire.


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  1. This board satisfies all your requirements. It's an excellent board for a good price.

    GIGABYTE GA-880GMA-UD2H AM3 AMD 880G HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard $94.99
  2. hi shortstuff_mt...

    thanks for your swift reply...

    This mobo seems to have onboard graphics... Could you kindly suggest a equally good one without one so maybe that could maybe save some unrequired cost... Please corredt me if i am wrong...

    Also if you could mentioned a few of them then i would be able to do a few comparisions between my options...

    Appreciate ur help... Cheers...
  3. The on-board GPU doesn't really raise the price any. You're not going to find a board that meets all your requirements for much cheaper than $95 shipped.
  4. shortstuff_mt....

    thanks for ur explanation....

    I intend to add a Ati 5850 to this Mobo...

    Can it be added and will this be a good Mobo to add the 5850 for gaming...??

    can i fit this mobo+5850 into a mid tower or a mini tower...?

    Also could you suggest a corresponding mid tower/mini tower which will fit the mobo+ati 5850.

    thanks... ;-)
  5. there are literally 1000's of mid-towers that will work for this...go to newegg, read the spec's on the towers and read the reviews by people...as for myself, i went about as cheap as i could so i could get a 5850 so i got an apevia x-dreamer 3
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