Windows 7 backup image failure

I made 2 backup images with the built in windows 7 image creator when i installed my os 3 months ago. i now want to use them. I booted from a 7 disk but it was unable to locate any images and there is no option to brows the system for one, only a network path. this is my first time using this Microsoft backup utility on the recommendation of a tech friend. If there is no way for me to brows to this image then is there a way to convert this VHD to work with ghost or achonis or would i need to mount it offline and sector copy it back to my raid? both backups are on internal HD's in the system
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  1. Where ever the destination is for the backup, you should be able to access the backup and view it's contents, both via file manager or through the Win7 Backup.

    May I ask why exactly you need to image? I find that images are great for systems that are duplicated often, but for a main PC I find that a clean install is more beneficial in the long run and allows you to update immediately with relatively no installed software rather than taking an old image and upgrading, possibly needing multiple updates and service packs.
  2. i prefer images, they are faster. ive always used ghost or achronis before.

    I can see the folder and teh .VHD, i can mount the .VHD but i cant restore it as is. i would need to boot of another drive, mount the VHD and then clone the vhd to the C drive to make that work. i am currently copying the image over to another machine as teh windows backup allows you to brows network locations but not local disks.... wich is bloody retarded, this is the last time i give MS a shot with one of there crappy wizard tools.

    that said if anyone knows the CMD switches to the backup utility then perhaps thats an option, i absolutely hate, despise, rue, wizards....
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