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Hello everyone!
I recently bought a new MOBO that also supports 1333 mhz ddr3 ram, so I bought the ddr3 RAM.
The problem is that when i installed the RAM, and after checking on some programms, they stated that the modules are running at 600 mhz only!
Now is this supposed to be normal? I don't know much about ram's so i thought i would ask here ;)

Cpu is E6300 dual core
Ram is 1600 mhz(in case i upgrade mobo in the future), http://oc.adata.com.tw/1_product_detail.asp?pid=AD31600GU2K

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Do you mean 666mhz. ?? - If so then yes that is normal for 1333Mhz. ram speed (most programs will report half of the actual speed since that is the actual speed in Mhz. the module is running but it does 2 operations per clock so the rating is double the actual speed) - if it is actually 600mhz. then you are running at 1200Mhz. instead of 1333 so need to go into the BIOS and adjust the speed or memory clock setting up a multiplier (ie. on my AMD Gigabyte MOBO it has x4.00(ddr3 800) - x5.33(DDR3 1066) - x6.66 (DDR3 1333) - x8.00 (DDR3 1600) for the settings)
  2. I see, thank you ;)
    Turns out its 638 atm so ill check BIOS to get it right!
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