The difference between intel core 2 and I7 processor

what is The difference between intel core 2 and I7 processor
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  1. there are a number of things that are different, but what do you mean? Are you talking about general difference, or performance difference?

    All of the below are enhancements that the Core i7 has and Core 2 does not:

    Hyperthreading (2 logical cores to every 1 physical core), core 2 does not
    L3 - cache, lots of it, core 2 does not
    QPI which enables the chip to communicate directly with RAM

    As far as performance goes, search for "core2 vs Core i7 benchmarks" you'll find what you're looking for...
  2. Biggest difference in architecture is that the memory controller is integrated onto the CPU chip. It's no longer on the motherboard.
  3. When asking about the difference in chips you also have to consider the chipset

    Also if you're talking about the core i7 on LGA 1156 then graphics card pathway is also on the chip.

    If your talking about i7 on LGA 1336 then a difference is triple channel memory
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