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I have a custom built computer, my neighbors, that had the MB and CPU replaced because MB died. It OS is WIN XP sp2, the fried MB was an ASUS K7 W AMD/2100 CPU and was replaced W/ ASUS K8 w AMD/3700 CPU. 2GB ram. My observation is it won`t open windows. BIOS booting shows the new MB and CPU but the only copy of his OS is on the HD. F8 will open advanced startup options, safe mode shows some drivers being loaded but all choices end up at OS start choices, which shows WIN XP. Clicking that causes the computer to reboot not open windows. It is caught in a loop. Will loading a different licensed copy of XP fix this?? I`ve checked the connections several times also checked memory sticks. Can anyone tell me what I`m missing, I`d like to run CHKDSK on the HD but don`t know how in this situation. Sure could use some help. toofer8181
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  1. Windows can't find your new motherboard drivers. So it will continue to reboot until you reinstall windows. You can use any windows xp copy with a valid coa. You can try the "repair" option, but I usually format and start over. Be sure you have the motherboard drivers handy or download the drivers off asus website and burn a copy.
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